Vincenzo De Paola

Posted by | 25 September 2019
Vincenzo De Paola to present at Syn2Psy Kickoff Meeting

Vincenzo De Paola and Thomas Knöpfel will give a team presentation at the Syn2Psy Kickoff Meeting of the European consortium to investigate neuropsychiatric diseases, 26 – 27 September 2019 in...

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Posted by | 1 September 2019
Vincenzo De Paola appointed a readership

Vincenzo De Paola receives an academic promotion to Reader of Translational Neuroscience. Congratulations, Vincenzo!

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Posted by | 4 February 2019
New F1000Prime recommendation

F1000Prime publishes Vincenzo De Paola and Shabana Khan article recommendation.

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Posted by | 31 October 2018
Vincenzo De Paola and Shabana Khan Members of F1000Prime

Vincenzo De Paola is nominated to the F1000Prime Faculty of Neuroscience, Section of Neurobiology Disease & Regeneration, together with Shabana Khan, as an Associate Faculty Member. "The F1000Prime Faculty comprises...

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Posted by | 16 October 2018
Vincenzo De Paola presents at Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference

At the Cold Spring Harbor Asia (CSH Asia) Conference on "Advances in Optical Imaging of Living Cells & Organisms: Focus on the Brain," 15 – 19 October 2018 in Suzhou,...

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