EST. 2008

The Synaptic Plasticity and Repair Group


Led by Vincenzo De Paola, the Group was established at Imperial College London in 2008 and uses innovative techniques to study the plasticity of cortical circuits with the ultimate goal of guiding the development of new therapies for cognitive and age-related disorders.




The Group has previously developed models of ageing and cortical injury to study not only behavioural impairment and recovery, but also reorganization and recovery at the level of individual axons and synapses (see past research projects). There are currently three interrelated research themes. The first deals with human cortical circuit assembly, the second with human axon and synaptic dysfunction in the early stages of human neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia, and the third with the enhancement of human axon and synaptic regeneration. Please see Real et al. 2018 for an example of a recent project.