Posted by | 2 February 2024
Farewell Auriel Lin

Farewell to Auriel Theodora Jacobea Lim, who has been a terrific brain surgeon in the team and is surely going to do great in veterinarian school in Australia! You will...

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Posted by | 27 November 2023
Vibhavari (Aysha) Bansal joins the Group

Vibhavari (Aysha) Bansal as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Aysha!

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Posted by | 31 July 2023
Elizabeth Brockman successfully defends her PhD thesis

Elizabeth Brockman, an Early Stage Researcher (ESR 8) in the Syn2Psy Innovative Training Network at Imperial College London, successfully defends her PhD thesis, titled "Illuminating the mechanisms of human synaptic...

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Posted by | 30 June 2023
Farewell Gigi Toh

Farewell to Gigi Toh, who did an amazing job setting up our Singapore lab.  We will miss you! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vincenzo De Paola...

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Posted by | 12 June 2023
Srinivasan Sakthivel joins the Group

Srinivasan Sakthivel joins the Group as a research fellow. Welcome, Srinivasan!

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Posted by | 5 May 2023
Salil Sukumaran joins the Group

Salil Kalarikkal Sukumaran joins the Group as a senior research fellow to investigate the synaptic mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders associated with special AT-rich sequence-binding protein 2 (SATB2) dysfunction.  Welcome, Salil!

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Posted by | 17 April 2023
Marcos Sintes joins the Group in Singapore

Marcos Sintes Rodríguez San Pedro, a PhD student from our Imperial College London lab, joins us in our lab at NUS-Duke Medical School as a senior research assistant and to...

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Posted by | 6 February 2023
Auriel Lim joins the Group

Auriel Theodora Jacobea Lim joins the Group as a senior research assistant. Welcome, Auriel!

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Posted by | 24 January 2022
Gigi Toh joins the Group

Gigi Toh joins the Group as a research assistant. Welcome, Gigi.

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Posted by | 16 November 2021
Michael Lattke joins the Group

Michael Lattke joins the Group as a research associate to use single cell transcriptomics to study the impact of Down syndrome on human cortical development. Wilkommen Michael!

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