Biomedical Picture of the Day

  • Crossed Wires

    Crossed Wires
    A model for studying living human brain cell connectivity and function [ More ]

  • Constant Gardener

    Constant Gardener
    Microglia (green) reach out to connect with nearby neurons (pink) [ More ]

  • Path of Invasion

    Path of Invasion
    Glioblastoma cells (green) spread through human brain tissue (blue) along blood vessels (red) [ More ]

  • Growing Again

    Growing Again
    3D rendering of a regenerating axon (light blue) making a new connection on a dendrite (grey) in the adult brain [ More ]

  • Unstable Connections

    Unstable Connections
    Increased rates of synapse formation (blue boutons) and elimination in the aged brain [ More ]

  • Damage Limitation

    Damage Limitation
    Branching microglia (green) actively patrol brain cells (red nuclei)  [ More ]


Biomedical Picture of the Day

Images from the Synaptic Plasticity and Repair Group published on the Biomedical Picture of the Day web site.

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